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Catalog of Topics Offered


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Home Horticulture – Edibles

            A Year of Good Food

            Grow Food Anywhere

            Grow It Now: Fall Vegetables

            Grow It Now: Spring Vegetables


            Plant a Salad Bowl Garden

            Tomatoes: A-Z

            Your Backyard Orchard


Home Horticulture – Ornamentals

            Bulbs: Fall or Spring

            California Natives

            Pass Down Plants – Propagation

            Promise Me a Rose Garden

            Right Plant, Right Place: Successful Garden Planning

            Roses 101


            Tending Your Soil

            The Busy Gardener Month to Month

            What’s in Your Soil


Integrated Pest Management

            Managing Pests in Your Garden

            Tomato Pests and Diseases

            What’s Bugging Your Plants


Sustainable Landscaping

            Butterflies in Your Garden

            Composting 101

            Create a Wildlife Habitat

            Drought Tolerant Gardening

            Gardening with California Natives

            Water Better Not Wetter

            Worm Composting Basics