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Catalog of Topics Offered

Speaker Topics

Growing Edibles

           Amazing Avocado - planting, irrigation, care, and pest management of avocados

           Grow Food Anywhere – growing edibles in small spaces and containers

            Grow It Now: Cool Season Vegetables – vegetables that grow from fall through spring

           Grow It Now: Warm Season Vegetables – vegetables that grow from late spring through summer

            Herbs – grow a variety of herbs in containers or in the ground

            Plant a Salad Bowl Garden (available in Spanish) – grow salad green from seeds or transplants

            Tomatoes: A-Z -  grow them from seed, from transplants, in the ground, or in containers

            A Year of Good Food  - a month by month guide for growing fruits and vegetables

            Your Backyard Orchard – choosing and caring for fruit trees


Growing Ornamentals

           Bulbs – true bulbs, corms, tuber, and  rhizomes that grow in our climate and produce beautiful flowers

           California Natives – choose natives that do well with little water while enhancing your landscape

           Epiphytes – bromeliads, tillandsias, epiphyllums, orchids, and  other plants that derive moisture from the air

           Gardening in Small Spaces – using plants to enhance a balcony, patio, or small yard

           Orchid Culture Basics – care of various varieties           

            Pass Down Plants – start new plants from cuttings, division, and seeds

            Perennials in the Southern California Garden – choosing and maintain long-lived plants

             Right Plant, Right Place: Successful Garden Planning – factors to consider before you visit the nursery

             Roses 101 – basics of selection, planting, fertilizing, pruning, and pest management

             Roses : Promise me a Rose Garden – Focus on types – shrubs, miniatures, and old garden roses

            Succulents – selection and care

 Integrated Pest Management

           Beneficial bugs – insects that provide natural pests control

            Managing Pests in Your Garden – prevention, avoidance, suppression, and responsible pest control

            Tomato Pests and Diseases – dealing with pests and diseases that affect tomatoes

            What’s Bugging Your Plants – pest management practices that are least impactful to the environment

 General Gardening

             Bees, Butterflies and Other Pollinators – the role of various creatures in pollinating our plants

             The Busy Gardener Month to Month -  garden tasks for each month

            Butterflies in Your Garden – attract our native butterflies with the appropriate plants

            Composting Basics -  use your banana peels, coffee grounds, and leaves to create a soil amendment

            Composting with Worms – maintaining a worm bin for small space composting

            Create a Wildlife Habitat – attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden

            Drought Tolerant Gardening – select and care for plants that look great with minimal water

            The Thoughtful Gardener – proper planning to avoid problems

            Water Better Not Wetter – choosing and maintaining an irrigation system

            What’s in Your Soil – evaluating your soil and how to improve it

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