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Ornamental Plants


The plants listed have been categorized according to type: annual, perennial, vine, shrub, tree. An explanation of these categories is:

Annuals complete their life cycle from seed to flowering to reseeding in one year or one growing season.

Perennials continue growing for several years  Perennials may go through repeated annual flowering and seed-producing cycles before they die, or they may grow for several years before they have a single seed-producing cycle and then die. Some perennials die back to the ground and then regrow each year.

Woody plants may be classified as vines, shrubs, and trees according to their form. Vines trail or grow along a support. Shrubs are short, upright-growing plants with several main stems.  Trees are tall, upright-growing plants with a single or one main stem.

Some plants may be grown as shrubs or trees, depending on variety, growing conditions, pruning, or other factors.


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