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Our mission is to provide the home gardener with research based information.  A UC Master Gardener will research your question and will supply an answer within a few business days.

Please limit the number of questions you ask in one email to one or two at a time. 

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  • Send us an email at ucceocmghotline@ucanr.edu.  With this option you may attach photo(s) related to your question in jpeg, gif, or png format.  Please include in your email all the same information that we ask on the form below.  Do not sent pdf files.

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Please fill out the form below to submit your gardening question to our Master Gardener Hotline volunteers.  Responses may take from one to a few business days depending on the complexity of your issue. If you have a spam-blocking verification process you must add our email address ucceocmghotline@ucanr.edu as being okay or you will not receive an answer.

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