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About Us

Our #1 priority is to provide residents of Orange County with up-to-date, practical and sound gardening advice that they can use. We accomplish this by staffing booths at various horticultural venues, website, brochures, presentations, seminar, etc. 

If you would like to know about our various events and appearances, please request to be put on our email list through the hotline address above. 
Now that you’re here, please browse around to discover all the features we have in store for you. This website was created with you in mind; in fact, we incorporated input from gardeners throughout Orange County to decide what we would include here.

Whether you want to know what to plant when, how to get manage a pest, or how to become a master gardener, you can either find it here or ask us through our hotline. In addition, we have included links to the Agricultural and Natural Resources website and other experts who have even more answers and information for you! 

Finally, if you are interested in being a certified master gardener, please go to the How To Become A Master Gardener page. 

We are eager to be of service to you. Please let us know if there is anything we missed or if there is something you especially like. 
Happy Gardening!