Plants That Eat Bugs? Don’t Miss Our Carnivorous Plants Podcast

Jun 10, 2024

Plants That Eat Bugs? Don't Miss Our Carnivorous Plants Podcast
Due to popular demand, we replay a recent new show this week! Carnivorous Plants!

Plants that eat bugs? You read that right! You know gardeners need to control bad bugs eating our beautiful gardens, right? But believe it or not, there are certain types of plants what seek their nourishment from insects and others that become trapped in specialized plant parts like sticky leaves or deep pitcher-like appendages. We know them as Carnivorous plants.

Today on In The Garden with UC Master Gardeners, MG and KUCI host Bill Brooks meets with John Kim, Master Gardener and President of the Southern California Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts (SCCPE or “Skippy” for short). Your mind might go right away to a Venus Flytrap. But that only scratches the surface of carnivorous plants. Tune in today to hear all about what they are, how to grow them, and just about everything you need to know about these most unusual plant creatures!

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Podcast Topic: Carnivorous Plants

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