Navigating Weather Extremes: Expert Tips for Your Garden Podcast

Feb 6, 2024

Navigating Weather Extremes: Expert Tips for Your Garden Podcast
Our gardens have experienced a roller-coaster of water availability from nature in the last couple of years. “Atmospheric River” is the new phrase describing the onslaught California is experiencing just as this show is planned for re-airing in 2024. Although this show was originally aired in a hot, summer month, you will recognize situations, questions, and remedies that Orange County gardeners should hear.

This week on In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners, Ann Liu talked with Jennifer Pelham, former Horticultural Advisor for Orange and San Diego County, about “Gardens After a Wet Winter and Long Drought”. She explains how trees are weakened and then topple during the rains. Learn how best to use storm water drainage to keep your garden sustainable and the environment healthy.

There are lots more information about weeds, diseases, pests, and nutrient disorders of your plants brought on by all the water this year so far. These unusual weather patterns are to become ever so likely so let's be prepared.

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Podcast Topic: Gardens After a Wet Winter and Long Drought

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