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Jan 11, 2022

Roses - Choosing, Pruning, and Care
This week on In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners, your host, UCCE Master Gardener Teena Spindler, will talk to fellow Master Gardener Kay Havens about one of the most popular flowering plants in Southern California gardens.

The topic is Roses – Choosing, Pruning, and Care. So many roses, so little space! So many PETALS, too! Did you know that English Roses with about 50 petals don't do well near the coast where it's cooler?

But others with as few as four petals will do great. So learn the different types of roses to choose as the best for your garden space or use for the flowers. Bareroot plants are available now so pick the best ones. To rejuvenate existing roses, learn pruning ABCs and steps to take now to control pests and disease all season. You can take the show right out to your garden and walk through the tasks with Kay as she tells you exactly what to do to get your roses ready for the coming year.

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Podcast Topic: Roses - Choosing, Pruning, and Care

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