Consider Joining Us For "Joy of Blooming Perennials" on In The Garden Radio

Oct 13, 2021

Joy of Blooming Perennials
This week on In the Garden with UCCE Master Gardeners, you are in for a real listening treat! A replay of a wonderful broadcast from 2016.

UC Master Gardener and show host Teena Spindler devotes the entire hour to the “Joy of Blooming Perennials”. Her guest is “The Plantsman” Nicolas Staddon, former national spokesperson for Monrovia Growers and recently for Everde Growers.

He is an expert in new varieties of nursery plant material available in Southern California. And “spokesperson” he truly is! In his infectiously witty British way, he will tell you what is so joyful about growing the one category of plants that will bring you color and texture to your garden year after year without replanting. That is the nature of perennials versus annuals and biennials. Tune in for a joyful experience!

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Podcast Topic: Joy of Blooming Perennials

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