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Controlling Aphids

It’s important to monitor your plants regularly and control aphids early – large populations are harder to control. Ants are usually found with aphids, so if you see ants it’s likely that there are also aphids. Ant control is an important part of aphid control.

The first method to control aphids is to use a strong spray of water to knock the aphids off the plant. They usually cannot climb back onto the plant. The water also rinses off the honeydew, reducing the attractiveness to ants, and water will not harm the natural predators. Natural predators include lady beetles, lacewings, and syrphid flies. Chemicals, such as insecticidal soap and neem oil, should be used sparingly. Insecticides should be used only as a last resort, and should not be used on edibles.

More details on aphid management.

More details on managing ants.

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