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Birds in the garden

  • Bird damage to strawberry
    Keeping fruit and vegetables away from birds can be a difficult task. It is complicated, because birds are beneficial in the garden, eating many insect pests, and should be encouraged to visit. At the same time, we want to discourage them from eating the fruits and vegetables that we want to harvest.

    Protective Netting
    The most effective way to reduce bird damage to small orchards, isolated trees, and vegetable gardens is netting. Place 1/4- to 1/2-inch mesh plastic netting over the plant or parts of the plant with fruit. The netting can be reused, so is cost-effective.

    Frightening Devices
    You can also try to frighten birds away by using a combination of noisemakers and visual repellents. Rotate from one type of frightening device to another every week or so, as the birds will become used to it and ignore it. Visual repellents include shiny streamers or other shiny objects attached to the trees. Regular monitoring of bird behavior is necessary, since these will be effective for a short time only.

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