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Bees and Beekeeping

Learn About Beekeeping

Exploring Beekeeping - May 9, 2019  9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

If you are interested in keeping honey bees, but not yet sure how to start, this class is for you. After taking this course, you will be able to make a well-informed decision about keeping bees in your backyard.

The class will cover:
  • City ordinances
  •  Beehive location
  •  Timand financial requirements
  •  Honey plants, bee food needs
  •  Races of honey bees
  •  Pesticides
  •  Obtaining, installing younew bees
  •  Helping your honey bees stay healthy
    Cost is $25


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Beekeeping classes are held at South Coast Research and Extension Center unless otherwise indicated.  Please register in advance.  Some classes require a fee and we are not equipped to accept credit card charges at the site.

Be aware that not all cities allow beekeeping in urban areas and some cities may require a permit.  Check with your city for current regulations.

Class descriptions and registration


California is home to 1,600 identified species of bees.  More fun facts about bees can be found here:  Pollen Nation

Bees need access to pollen and nectar year round.  This chart will help you select native plants that bloom at different times of year.  California Native Plants for bees

Most bees don't live in colonies.  Would you like to make a home for solitary bees?  Directions are here, along with several plant lists.  Bee Gardening Resources

This site has information about native bees, gardening for bees, and a bi-monthly newsletter.  UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab

If you need to apply pesticides in your yard, the type you use and the timing of application are important, even when using organic products.  Protecting Bees from Pesticides

Unwanted bee swarms

At times, bees can swarm in places where they can cause problems.  Swarms can be temporary, which happens when bees leave their old hive and search for a new place to live.  In that case, you can just wait a few days for them to leave.  What steps can you take if they don't?

Bee swarms

Colony relocation

Here are some local Orange County beekeepers who perform bee removals, generally without extermination:  

honeybee on lavender

Lynne Gallaugher, Beekeeper 
Phone: (714) 408-0018
Email:  justpeachybees@hotmail.com

Backyard Bees
Phone: (800) 476-6105
Email: rescue@backyardbees.net
Website: http://www.backyardbees.net/

The Bee Guys
Phone: (714) 960-7856
Email: info@thebeeguys.com
Website: http://www.orangecountybeeguys.com/index.html

Got a Question about Bees? Please contact us.

If you can’t find the answer on the site, don’t despair! We also have the capacity to personally assist you through our hotline.  Just contact us by email or by phone (voicemail) at 949 809-9760 and we will respond to your inquiry.
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