Shrub- Compact chamise

  • Adenostoma fasciculatum 'Black Diamond' in the garden
    Common Name: Compact chamise

    Botanical Name: Adenostoma fasciculatum 'Black Diamond'

    Family: Rosaceae

    Description: Small shrub with upright growth; native to California and Baja California chaparral

    Sun: Full sun or part shade

    Water: Drought tolerant

    Soil: Adaptable except alkaline

    Habit and form: Slow-growing evergreen shrub 2-3 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide   Needle-like, dark green leaves produced in tight bunches along a rigid stem

    Adenostoma closeup





    Flower type: Clusters of small flowers 1-3 inches long at ends of branches

    Flower color & bloom season: Small, white flowers are short lived but progress from rust to chocolate colors.  Blooms profusely in late spring and early summer

    Uses, if any, for plant and/or flowers: Useful on slopes and gardens for pollinators; suitable for bonsai, rock gardens or containers

    Pruning time & method: Requires regular light pruning to keep it small and compact