Shrub- California Sunflower

  • California Sunflower by Cliff Hutson
    Common Name: Coast Sunflower or California bush sunflower

    Botanical Name: Encelia californica

    Family:  Asteraceae

    Description: Native from Santa Maria to San Diego; semi-deciduous, fast growing shrub to 3 feet high and 5 feet wide

    Sun: Full sun


    Water: Drought tolerant to moderate; supplementing water in summer will improve appearance

    Soil: Adaptable to many soil types

    Habit and form: Many slender branches form the base

    Flower type: 2 inch Daisy flower

    Flower color & bloom season: Yellow flowers spring/fall

    Uses for plant and/or flowers: Attracts pollinators especially butterflies and bees; beautiful cut flower

    Pruning time & method: Frequent deadheading will prolong bloom season.  Cut back hard in late fall to refresh