Shrub- Angel's Trumpet

  • Brugmansia photo by James Gaither
    Common Name: Angel’s Trumpet

    Botanical Name:  Brugmansia spp.

    Family:  Solanaceae

    Description: Evergreen, long-lived, woody shrubs

    Sun: Sun to part shade in hotter climates; protect from wind

    Water requirements: Needs regular water; not drought resistant. Root rot can occur if watered too frequently

    Soil requirements: Prefers moist, fertile, well-drained acidic soil. Can tolerate alkaline soil but does not tolerate salt well

    Habit and form: Woody shrub; can be trained to small tree. Can grow 10 to 12 feet tall; some varieties are smaller

    Flower type: Show-stopping hanging trumpet-shaped flowers which can grow up to 20 inches long; flowers are fragrant with light lemony overtones, especially in the evening

    Flower color and season of bloom: Shades of white, peach, pink, orange or yellow; can flower year-round in warmer climates

    Pruning time and method: Trim in the fall or winter to remove weak and dead wood

    Maintenance tips: Fertilize frequently with a water soluble fertilizer

    Note:   All parts of angel's trumpet are poisonous if ingested