Tree- California Buckeye

  • California Buckeye photo by dbaron
    Common Name: California Buckeye

    Botanical Name: Aesculus californica

    Family: Hippocastanaceae

    Description: Deciduous tree native to dry slopes and canyons in California coastal ranges and the Sierra Nevada foothills below 4,000 feet

    Sun: Full sun to part shade

    Water: Little; drought tolerant

    Soil: Adaptable

    Habit and form: Grows to 10-20 feet or taller with 30 foot spread; often multi-trunked

    Flower type: Plume, in dense clusters; become pear-shaped fruit with shiny brown seeds

    Flower color & bloom season: Fragrant, cream-colored flower plumes in spring

    California Buckeye seed pod photo by EugeneZelenko
    Uses, if any, for plant and/or flowers: Flowers attract hummingbirds; seed pods in dried flower arrangements

    Pruning time & method: Prune established trees in winter months only to remove dead or damaged wood and awkward branches

    Maintenance tips: Seeds sprout freely

    Note: The flowers, fruit and seeds of the California Buckeye are poisonous.