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Drought Tolerant

Perennial- Winter Cassia

Winter Cassia in bloom
Common Name: Winter Cassia, Butterfly Cassia

Botanical Name: Cassia bicapsularis

Family: Leguminosae, subfamily Caesalpiniaceae

Description: Native to northern South America

Sun: Full sun for best flowering

Water: Water twice per month after plant is established

Soil: Will grow in range mildly acidic to mildly alkaline


Habit and form: Tree or large shrub; grows 10 to 12 feet tall. Leaves are evergreen and fold in when dry.

Winter Cassia
Flower type: Very showy, resemble golden butterflies

Flower color & bloom season: Bright yellow flowers in late fall through early winter

Uses, if any, for plant and/or flowers: Attractive to bees, butterflies, birds




Winter Cassia bush
Pruning time & method: Can trim lower branches for a canopy effect. Pinch back growing tips during summer for bushy effect.

Maintenance tips: Deadhead if you do not want seedlings next year


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