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Black-History Black History Cultural Faire

F-F-Lab,-Warm-Season-Veg-Seed Consider Joining Us For Growing Vegetables from Seed
Want a bigger selection of veggie varieties? Want to save money, too? Start warm season vegetable from seed now.

2 podcast1 Listen To “Backyard Orchards” On In The Garden Radio
This week on In the Garden, UCCE Master Gardener and KUCI staff host Teena Spindler discusses the topic of Backyard Orchards with nurseryman and author Tom Spellman. Yes, even though you might think you have a yard too small to grow deciduous fruit...

2-Butterflies-CANCELED CANCELED: Join Us For All About Butterflies
Would you like to enjoy the beauty of butterflies in your garden? Find out which host and nectar plants will guarantee butterflies are regular visitors and which plants attract which species.

1 podcast icon Have Your Heard “Hotline Tips for the Winter Season” On In The Garden Radio
In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners is one of the best resources for general gardening information around! But what do you do if you have a pressing problem with a valuable piece of your living landscape? You can get in touch with the Orange County...

7 podcast1 Listen Up: “Seed Starting” On In The Garden Radio
This week on In the Garden with UCCE Master Gardeners, our own Teena and Katrina (from the monthly “This Month in the Garden” segments) discuss a perfect project for the months of January or February. If you want to be a total,...

IRHP-Rose Rose Pruning, Tool Sharpening, and General Gardening Information
Best Rose Pruning Practices Demonstration. Garden Tool Sharpening Demonstration. Handouts and other gardening information. Bring your gardening questions!

6 podcast2 Join Us For “All-America Selections 2019” On In The Garden Radio
All-America Selections for 2019 this week on In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners! Once again, Master Gardener and KUCI Staff Host Sally Richards talks to Diane Blazek, Executive Director of AAS (All-America Selections) about the latest winners for...

Busy-Gardener-MonthXMonth Get Your Month-By-Month Calendar Of The Top Garden Jobs
Busy Gardener Month by Month Creating and maintaining a beautiful garden is all about timing – doing the right thing at the right time of year.

Rose-Basics-- Select, Plant, And Care For Roses
Everything's coming up roses! If that's what you want for your garden, don't miss this presentation. Learn how to select, plant and care for roses – as well as tips on pests and diseases. Find out how you can grow beautiful blooms!

5 podcast2 Listen To “The 50 Most Nutrient Dense Plants” On In The Garden Radio
Do you want to know how to get the most “bang for your [calorie] buck”? This week on In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners, we revisit a great show from 2015. We will get your taste buds and green thumbs in tune. UCCE Master Gardener Ann...

Garden-Scene-Investigation Learn To Be A Garden Scene Investigator
Sharpen your powers of observation. Make your computer a valuable garden tool in combating garden problems. Learn how to find reliable sources of garden information and plant identification.

4 microphone Have Your Heard “This Month in the Garden – Jan 2019” On In The Garden Radio
Happy New Year IN THE GARDEN! The first Thursday of every month on the In the Garden radio show, UC Master Gardener hosts Teena Spindler and Katrina Kirkeby will bring you the monthly checklist for what needs to be done in the upcoming month in your...

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Planning to grow tomatoes?

Planning to grow tomatoes?

If you're thinking of growing tomatoes this year, or if you want to try your hand at vegetable gardening, we have classes for you.  Scroll down to the calendar section for dates and locations.

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