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2 podcast1 Join Us For “Tool Sharpening” On In The Garden Radio
While the weather gets cooler, you might want to spend some time out of the elements but still prepare for your busy pruning plans to come. On this show in the past, you've heard some jam-packed broadcasts with topics on Winter Dormant Pruning (which...

GARDEN-BEET-Winter-2018-1 Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Your Winter 2018 Garden Beet Newsletter Is Here
Every Rose Has Its Thorn With Valentine's Day around the corner, gardeners of all stripes can find something to love about the Rosaceae family. Those filling their holiday shopping lists with bare root fruit trees should be sure to check the hotline...

1 podcast icon Listen To “Seed Banks” On In The Garden Radio
Check out your favorite seeds at your neighborhood Seed Library. What a concept! Just like at a library of books, you can “borrow” a book/some seeds, plant the story in your mind/seed in your garden, harvest the bounty of knowledge/food,...

7 podcast1 Have Your Heard “Gifts from the Garden – Holiday” On In The Garden Radio
While you're starting to fix your Thanksgiving meal today, take your mind off of any stresses for an hour or so and tune into today's show In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners. We bring you a reprise of a Gifts from the Garden Holiday edition...

2018 1204 SCREC Class  Gift from the Kitchen Did You Know About "Gifts From the Kitchen" Public Workshop
On Tuesday, December 4th, UCCE Master Food Preservers of Orange County will offer 2 identical sessions of our popular Gifts From the Kitchen class.

6 podcast2 LISTEN UP: “Winter Herbs – how to grow them and use them in cooking” On In The Garden Radio
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and do we have a show for you this week on In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners! MG and KUCI host Sally Richards discovers the mouthwatering world of herbs. Specifically, Winter Herbs – how to grow them...

Backyard-Orchard-Citrus Save The Date For Backyard Orchard CITRUS
Learn from Master Gardeners of Orange County how to select, plant, and care for citrus in your garden, as well tips on pests and diseases.

Succulents- Consider Joining Us At "Succulents" And Discover How Succulents Fit Into Your Gardening Plans
Ready to learn about plants that are sooooo easy to plant . . . to care for . . . to love?

What's New on the MG Site?

Citrus Disease in Orange County

Citrus Disease in Orange County

HLB,  citrus greening disease, is now present in Orange County.  The still incurable disease is spread by the tiny insect, the Asian citrus psyllid.  


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