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Bees and Beekeeping

Resources for Learning about Bees

Bee Facts   California is home to 1,600 identified species of bees. Click the link to find out more.

California Native Plants for bees    Bees need access to pollen and nectar year round.  This chart will help you select native plants that bloom at different times of year.  

Bee Gardening Resources  Most bees don't live in colonies.  Would you like to make a home for solitary bees?  Directions are here, along with several plant lists.  

UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab   This site has information about native bees, gardening for bees, and a bi-monthly newsletter.  

Protecting Bees from Pesticides   If you need to apply pesticides in your yard, the type you use and the timing of application are important, even when using organic products.  

Dealing with Bee Swarms   At times, bees can swarm in places where they can cause problems.  Swarms can be temporary, which happens when bees leave their old hive and search for a new place to live.  In that case, you can just wait a few days for them to leave.  


Beekeeping Classes

The California Master Beekeeping Program offers classes through the OC Bee Team located at the South Coast Research and Extension Center in Irvine.  Follow those links for more information.

Keep in mind that each city in Orange County has its own rules and restrictions regarding beekeeping, which you can see by clicking the link above.  If you're thinking about keeping bees on your property, contact your city as rules sometimes change. 

OC Beekeeping Ordinances