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Irvine - Sustainable Landscape Design Workshop
Contact: remusser@ucanr.edu
Sponsor: UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County

This 2 day class will cover:

  • Establishing design objectives based on your lifestyle and functional use of your space
  • Evaluating your garden’s microclimates and how they affect design and plant selection
  • How to draw a base plan
  • How to analyze and nurture your soil for long term success
  • Irrigation planning and water conservation techniques
  • Design principles of proportion, balance, unity and repetition
  • Sustainable Landscaping and Designing with California Natives

Hands-on class activities will allow you to get practical experience creating a base plan, bubble diagrams and preliminary design concepts for your property.  You will walk away having learned the techniques for choosing the right plants that will thrive in the microclimates of your garden. 

Cost: $50 for 2 day class - Sept. 23rd, Sept. 30