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What's Going On In Our Gardening Community?

Tanaka Farms - Strawberries Have You Heard About It’s All About Strawberries?
Visit the MFP booth where STRAWBERRIES will be featured in all food items on display. Learn about the research-based preservation methods used make these foods.  

Series4-Pest-Disease-Harvest- Consider Joining Us At The Pest and Disease Control, Harvesting Workshop
Have the pests invaded your vegetable garden? Or is some strange disease appearing? Learn Integrated Pest Management techniques to protect plants from pests and disease.

2019-0328-Food-Safety Join Us For The Food Safety Lecture
Forgetting about food safety is a recipe for disaster. Did you know that one in six Americans could get sick from food poisoning this year alone?

5 podcast2 Have Your Heard “Warm Season Vegetable Gardens” On In The Garden Radio
This week on In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners, we bring you a show originally aired March 26, 2015 when UCCE Master Gardener and then KUCI staff host Mark Fierle spoke with fellow Master Gardener Gerry Cibalis on the scrumptious topic of...

Tomato-Small-Spaces Join Us At the Growing Tomatoes in Small Spaces Workshop
Harvest tomatoes in small spaces! Whether it is containers, raised beds or five-gallon buckets, learn to get the best yield. Topics include selection, best practices for planting and harvesting, and growing requirements.

Series3-Irr-Mulch-Weed Have You Heard About the "Irrigation, Mulching, Weed Control, Fertilizing" Workshop?
Want plants that thrive and weeds that don't? Want to save time and labor in the garden? Join us to discover the super powers of gardening: regular and adequate watering, mulching, weed control techniques, and fertilizing.

Series2-Plant-Sel Did You Know About The "Garden Plan, Plant Selection, and Planting" Workshop?
Plant the right plant in the right place! Learn about plant choices and their growing habits to determine the best layout for the garden.

4 microphone Listen Up: “Low Water Plant Pallets for Orange County” On In The Garden Radio
Just like a painter takes a little bit of this and a dab of that to make just the perfect hue before he touches brush to canvas, a gardener can use the same concept to create a visually artful, and in our case, and water-friendly landscape. Tune in to...

3 radio Join Us For “Ranunculus: Be inspired by this amazing bulb” On In The Garden Radio
Just down the road in Carlsbad is California's own version of Holland! The Flower Fields consists of 50 acres of 100 varieties of a little bulb that looks like a curled-up spider! The Tecolote Giant Ranunculus are bred and raised right here. This week...

Compost-Workshop Feb2019 Save The Date For The ‘Practical Composting in Small Spaces’ Workshop
Turn your discarded landscape and kitchen materials into black gold for your garden improving the quality of your soil while reducing waste. Join us!

Pruning-fruit-trees Pruning Fruit Trees
Learn how to prune a variety of fruit trees and how to care for them throughout the year. Instructional handouts provided.

Black-History Black History Cultural Faire

F-F-Lab,-Warm-Season-Veg-Seed Consider Joining Us For Growing Vegetables from Seed
Want a bigger selection of veggie varieties? Want to save money, too? Start warm season vegetable from seed now.

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Make this your year to grow vegetables!

Make this your year to grow vegetables!

If you're thinking of growing tomatoes this year, or if you want to try your hand at vegetable gardening, we have classes for you. 

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