Making the Most of Small Spaces

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Think you don’t have space to garden? Do not despair! Even if your only garden space is tiny, one container and a bit of planning can result in amazing bounty. This session will be filled with tips for growing edibles or ornamentals in small spaces…containers, small raised beds, and vertical gardens. It’s all about sun, soil and water, so come learn what works and what doesn’t. Begin to enjoy all the benefits and beauty of your own personal garden, be it balcony, patio, windowsill or wall.  

Joanne Byrd

Joanne Byrd has been a University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardener since 2008 and has been gardening for 35 years.   Her grandfather introduced her to homegrown tomatoes while growing up but her interest in gardening blossomed while she was a high school teacher and had time in the summer to grow lots of different vegetables.  Her gardening areas of interest/knowledge are fruit trees, vegetables and composting.  And if you ask Joanne what she likes best about gardening she will tell you:  getting her hands dirty!  
As a UCCE Master Gardener, Joanne chairs the Youth Garden Committee, which offers consulting and workshops for parents, teachers and other volunteers who work with children in the garden.   She is a Master Composter and works as a volunteer at the Farm and Food Lab at the Great Park. A native of Philadelphia, Joanne is retired and enjoys the opportunity to garden year round in Southern California.

Rebecca Chadwick

Rebecca Chadwick has been a University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardener since 2010 and a gardener for many years. Her garden areas of interest/knowledge include gardening in small spaces and gardening in raised beds.  She loves to design container gardens for ornamentals and edibles and figure out best practices for easy maintenance.  Rebecca stays active as a UCCE Master Gardener volunteering at the Great Park and at the South Coast Research & Extension Center.  She tells us that there is always something new to learn about gardening.