Shrub-Tree- Ceanothus

  • Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 'Arroyo de la Cruz'
    Common Name: California Lilac

    Botanical Name: Ceanothus spp.

    Family:  Rhamnaceae

    Description: California native; 50-60 species; majority  are evergreen perennial shrubs; short-lived as a group

    Sun: Full sun to part shade
    Water: Drought tolerant

    Soil: Well-draining

    Ceanothus spp. photo by Bruce Fingerhood
    Habit and form: Varies; can be shrubs, low to the ground, mounding or small trees. Leaves can be dark green to variegated.

    Flower type: Tiny, produced in large, dense clusters; some are fragrant

    Flower color & bloom season: Mostly blue, some are white or pink; blooms; usually blooms in spring

    Uses for plant and/or flowers: Attracts bird, hummingbirds, butterflies

    Pruning time & method: Varies; prune after flowering; avoid pruning old wood. Can pinch back during growing season to control size

    Maintenance tips: Does not like drip irrigation, summer water or soil amendments
    Ceanothus spp. photo by Aleta Rodriguez