Shrub- Island Tree Mallow

  • Lavatera assurgentiflora 4 by Stan Shebs
    Common Name:    Island Tree Mallow

    Botanical Name:    Lavatera assurgentiflora

    Family:    Malvaceae

    Description:    Evergreen shrub; naturalized in central and southern coastal areas of California; native of Santa Barbara Islands; 10 to 12 feet high and wide

    Sun:     Full to part sun

    Water:  Drought tolerant to occasional watering

    Soil:    Adaptable, prefers good drainage

    Habit and form:    Fast growing, upright, multi-branched, broad leaves

    Flower type:    Striking, large tropical-looking flower, 2 to 3 inches across

    Flower color & bloom season:    Bright pink/lavender flowers with white stripes bloom heaviest spring to summer

    Uses, if any, for plant and/or flowers:    Attracts birds and butterflies; can be used as a windbreak hedge

    Lavatera assurgentiflora Photography by Curtis Clark

    Pruning time & method:    Can be trained as small tree;
    prune to keep dense