Shrub- Brittlebush

  • Encelia farinosa photo Miguel Vieira
    Common Name:  Brittlebush

    Botanical Name:  Encelia farinosa

    Description:  Perennial, native to the Southwest

    Sun:  Full sun

    Water:  Low to none.  Water during prolonged drought periods

    Soil:  Adaptable, good drainage

    Habit and form:  Much branched shrub grows 3 to 4 feet high, up to 4 feet wide

    Flower type: Loose clusters of yellow daisies

    Bloom season:  Blooms in spring

    Pruning time & method:  Cut back after spring bloom by at least one-third to encourage repeated flowering

    Maintenance tips:  Remove unsightly seed heads after blooms fade to expose attractive foliage; cut back in fall to promote herbaceous growth

    Common problems:  No significant problems

    Comments:  Typically sparse foliage tends to drop in times of drought; useful for places out of reach of irrigation. Attractive to butterflies; birds like the seeds,