Shrub- California White Sage

  • White Sage photo by FarOutFlora
    Common Name: California White Sage, Bee Sage

    Botanical Name: Salvia apiana

    Family: Lamiaceae

    Description: Evergreen shrub native to California

    Sun: Full Sun

    Water requirements: No extra water required

    Soil requirements: Good drainage

    Habit and form: 2-5 feet tall perennial shrub with aromatic silver, elliptical leaves

    White sage photo by Melissa Berard
    Flower type: Flower clusters on spikes

    Flower color and season of bloom: White flowers with lavender tinge; blooms in summer

    Uses, if any, for plant and/or flowers: Attractive to bumblebees and hummingbirds

    Pruning time and method: Shear lightly after flowering to keep tidy. Save major pruning for late winter or early spring when growth is emerging from base of plant

    Maintenance tips: Give good air circulation to avoid disease

    Comments: Attractive at night, reflects moonlight