Shrub-Tree- California Mountain Mahogany

  • Mountain Mahogany photo by loarie
    Common Name: California Mountain Mahogany, Sweet Brush

    Botanical Name: Cercocarpus betuloides

    Family: Rosaceae

    Description: Evergreen shrub or tree found in the Western mountains and foothills in Oregon, California and east to the Rockies

    Sun: Full sun

    Water requirements: Little to no water

    Soil requirements: Dry slopes; can tolerate clay soils and wind

    Habit and form:  Shrub 5-12 foot tall to small tree about 20 feet tall with an open habit. Leaves are green above and pale below, so it looks silvery. Leaves are small and hairy

    Flower type: Small, clustered white flowers

    Mountain Mahogany photo by randomtruth
    Flower color bloom season: White flowers in the summer turning into small fruit with a long, feathery plume in the fall

    Uses, if any, for plant and/or flowers: Erosion control on slopes

    Pruning time and method: Only if needed to remove dead wood; during winter

    Maintenance tips: Low maintenance

    Comments: Received its common name from its reddish bark