Shrub- California Copperleaf

  • California Copperleaf Acalypha californica c2008 by Ken Gilliland
    Common Name: California Copperleaf

    Botanical Name: Acalypha californica

    Family: Euphorbiaceae

    Description: Evergreen shrub, native to Baja and San Diego

    Sun: Full sun to partial shade

    Water: Needs watering every 1-2 weeks until established, then little water

    Soil: Any; tolerates clay soils

    Habit and form: Perennial shrub that can grow to 3 feet high and wide; stems are red colored; growth habit rounded, loose. Can be used in planter boxes or as low hedge

    Flower type: Catkin-type flower clusters

    Flower color & bloom season: Red; blooms in summer months or more often with periodic watering

    Pruning time & method: Pruning generally not required; prune in winter as needed to maintain shape. Can be pruned to form a low hedge

    Comments: Cold hardy to 28 degrees F. Can be used as annual in cold areas

    References: Theodore Payne Native Plant Library