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Gardening Workshops

Your garden can always be at least a little bit better, whether you grow edibles or ornamentals or both.  It doesn't matter what your skill level is, or how much space you have available, you might just need a little help from the Orange County Great Park and UCCE Master Gardeners. This Spring the Workshops cover interesting, timely topics including building raised bed gardens and planting edibles to attracting wildlife and adding beauty to the garden with roses.  Classes will focus on how to help you with your gardening goals!

Admission and parking are free.

Classes continue into summer with more great ideas on your summer garden.

Visitors can attend any or all of the workshops held at the Great Park Farm + Food Lab. Workshops are free.  Workshops are 10 to 11 AM, rain or shine. 

2017 Gardening Workshops:

January 21 – Fruit Tree Pruning and Care

Got Fruit? Apples and Peaches and Apricots, oh my! These wonderfully delicious fruit trees (as well as plum, pluot, apriums and others) are sleeping right now making winter the best time to give them some tender loving care for vigorous growth, production, and pest and disease resistance in the coming growing season. Learn pruning techniques, the benefits of dormant spraying, when and how to fertilize, and irrigation methods to save water and still get great fruit.

February 18 – Planning a Colorful Spring Garden

Spring is right around the corner and nothing says springtime like colorful flowers. Vibrant, colorful gardens are still possible in these water thrifty times. Learn the power of properly prepared soil, varieties of water thrifty long-term bloomers, the benefits of mulch, and simple design techniques to create stunning flower beds or pots.

March 18 – Hot Veggies for the Hot Season

Get ready for those amazing summer veggies! March is the time to begin planting all those yummy veggies that love hot weather: peppers, green beans, squash, eggplant, and, of course, TOMATOES! Whether planting from seed or transplants, get tips on how to plan, plant, and care for these delicious veggies in your garden, raised beds or containers. If you grow it, you will eat it! And kids will too!

April 1 – Spice Things Up With Herbs

Want edible plants that are easy to grow, super tasty, and turn ordinary dishes into culinary delights? Fresh herbs can be grown all year, are very happy in containers or mixed into garden beds, and add fabulous flavor and nutrition to meals. This workshop has an optional ‘take home’ component in which participants will plant a pot with three herb plants to take home. (Registration and materials fee required for take home project, lecture free.)

April 15 – Creating a Habitat Garden

Want to experience nature in your own backyard, patio, or balcony? Create a garden that attracts beautiful butterflies, beneficial insects, melodious songbirds, and even a curious lizard or two by planting a habitat garden. Learn which plants provide habitat for our native wildlife, how to plant and care for any size garden or container, and what to expect throughout the seasons of the year. Then sit back and enjoy communing with nature!

May 6 – Creating Colorful Container Gardens

Thriller, filler, spiller! Using this simple technique with colorful blooming or foliage plants transforms any container into a stunning welcome accent, centerpiece, or gift for a special someone. In this two-part workshop, the lecture portion will discuss design, plant selection, planting and care, while the ‘hands on’ portion will provide participants with materials to create a take-home colorful container. (Registration and materials fee required for take home project, lecture free.)

May 20 – The Power of Perennials

Want a garden that keeps on giving year after year? A garden that provides color in all seasons of the year? Plant perennials, those work horse plants that last for several or many years. Learn which ones bloom in spring, summer, fall or winter for a glorious garden all year long. Using simple design, plant selection, planting and care tips, a beautiful (and even low maintenance!) garden is in your future.

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