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Growing Amaryllis

Plant the single bulb in 4” of rich soil that drains quickly.  The pot should be narrow in width – 4” wider than the bulb itself.  Add soil and a few tablespoons of bone meal at the bottom of the hole and cover with potting soil.

Place the bulb in the soil such that ½ of the bulb is above the soil level and water thoroughly.

If no growth has yet started, water the bulb and keep it in a cool, dark area.

Once the thick stalk starts emerging from the bulb, move it to a sunny, warm location.

Turn the container daily to help keep the stalk straight.  When the bloom starts to open, move the container to a cooler location (this should help it last longer).

As the flowers begin to die, cut them off but leave the stalk in place until all of the fluids return to the bulb. At that time, cut the stalk off and place the bulb in semi-shade outside through the summer.
Feed the bulb occasionally and protect it from pests.

Once September comes around, pull the bulb out of the container and let the root ball dry out.  Cut the leaves off (after they have died).

Before storing the bulb, brush it with sulphur, place it back in the pot and allow it to go dormant for 3 months.  Then re-plant it in a slightly larger container.