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Trees are valuable resources and deserve to have professional care. To find a certified arborist, you can visit the following website: www.treesaregood.org. This site allows you to search for certified arborists in your area. The site also contains a lot of information on tree care.

Most of the established local tree service companies have arborists on their staff. Some of the larger nurseries in Orange County have ISA-certified arborists on staff. You can verify that an arborist is certified by visiting the above site.

We encourage you to comment below on any positive experiences you have with an individual arborist or tree service company.  This will help us to be of even greater assistance to the gardening public in Orange County.

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We have been using Jeff Harvey at Arbor Expertise for 10 years now. Jeff is a very knowledgeable Certified Arborist. His crew is very cordial and businesslike, making sure all debris is cleaned and hauled away. My husband and I have recommended him to others. Thank you Jeff Harvey at Arbor Expertise!

Posted by Tamara Walters on September 18, 2013

After my long standing arborist stopped returning my calls I spent a lot of time searching for the right person. My new arborist is Mike Tsuzuki of Tsuzuki Tree Service and Landscape. Mike is from the old school and specializes in Japanese style trimming as well as Bonsai methods. He does not advertise or use a website. He has a close clientele he takes very good care of. His prices are in line with anyone else. He understands trees and plantings from the heart and my trees never looked so good. The results are what trees should look like. I came across him through a totally different venue but I had met him 20 years ago. Tsuzuki Tree Service and Landscape (714) 531-7027

Posted by Fred Tarnay on April 5, 2013

In addition to several trees needing pruning, I knew it was time to get some expert advice on our massive ornamental pear and two of our 45 year old citrus trees which were looking rather stressed. So, blindly choosing one of the two references you have on your site, I contacted Jeff Harvey (Arbor Expertise). After checking that his license and insurance were in good standing and that there were no complaints at the Better Business Bureau, a date was set. He and his crew arrived on time. As soon as he assessed the first problem, he set his crew working. I have to admit, I was impressed with all they accomplished in the allotted time. Not only in the pruning and cleanup, but the additional extras as Jeff answered all my questions and gave me hints on watering and fertilizing. I felt his company's service deserved a 5-star rating (with 5 indicating the best). Sincerely M. Bates P.S. [Jeff's business phone is (714) 318-1209]

Posted by Marilynn Bates on January 2, 2012

Ruben Green is the lead consulting arborist for Evergreen Arborists Consultants, Inc., which specializes in appraisals of trees and landscape, tree risk and hazard assessment, tree protection reports for construction projects, urban and wildfire damage clams, tree root analysis, personal injury and property damage cases. He excels in identifying tree problems, or potential problems, and explaining his recommended solutions in terms that his clients can understand and apply. Additionally, he will provide proper tree and landscape management guidelines within his area of expertise. He can be reached at (949) 837-7700.

Posted by Helene Aardema on December 2, 2011

Joaquin Arias of New Leaf Tree Service is the arborist I use and have recommended many times. I have used his company for 13 years and have always found him to be knowleadgeable, professional and meticulous. He can be reached at 949-640-8733. I

Posted by Victoria Michaels on July 30, 2011

I have used Jeff Harvey of Arbor Expertise for over 15 years. He is a certified arborist and grew up here in Orange County. He services all the County areas. Jeff does all the pruning and cutting himself to make sure things are done correctly. Jeff is also a landscape designer and understands the relationships of trees to the rest of the property and plantings. He is an excellent resource for recommending types of trees to fit the situation. The neighbors also use him and when we get together, we get a break in costs. Arbor Expertise 714 318-1209 1jeffharvey@gmail.com

Posted by Fred Tarnay on April 11, 2011

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