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Mealybug Destroyer

Mealybugs are soft, flat insects that live in colonies and suck sap from plants. If the population is large, they can reduce plant vigor and cause fruit drop on citrus. They also excrete honeydew, which attracts ants and sooty mold - a general nuisance. 

Mealybug destroyer
Natural predators generally keep mealybug populations under control, and one of these predators is the Mealybug Destroyer. The adult mealybug destroyer is a small dark brown beetle with a light brown head.
Mealybug destroyer larva
The larvae look like a large mealybug but are more active. Adults and larvae also prey on other similar soft-bodied insects.

The Mealybug Destroyer is available commercially in the early spring, and used for citrus and in greenhouses.

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