Apricots, year-round care

  • Apricots in the backyard garden need some care all year round.
    Listed below are activities for each season.

    Winter Dormant Season

    -  Spray trees with dormant oil to control San Jose scale, aphid eggs, mite eggs, and peach twig borer.
    -  Do not use sulfur on apricots, ever.

    Spring Bloom Season

    -  Spray to control brown rot and shot hole fungus as blooms start to open. Sprays may be required at 10–14 day intervals if weather is rainy.

    -  Drip irrigate daily or sprinkler irrigate every 2–3 weeks.
    -  Fertilize before 1st irrigation with 1–2 lb. of urea. Water in.
    -  Thin fruits to about 4–6" apart when 1/2–5/8" diameter.
    -  Paint trunks with 50/50 mix of white interior latex paint and water to prevent sunburn and borer infestation.

    Summer Growing Season

    -  Continue same irrigation schedule as in spring.
    -  Fertilize young trees monthly at ¼ spring rates to encourage vigorous growth.

    Fall Harvest Season

    -  Prune trees before onset of winter rains to prevent Eutypa fungus infection of pruning wounds.
    -  Remove about 20% last year’s growth to let light into tree.
    -  Remove old, broken, diseased branches.
    -  Spray trees during or after leaf fall but before onset of winter rains to control shot hole fungus.
    -  Do not use sulfur on apricots, use fixed copper.