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Persimmons, cultivation

Japanese Persimmon

Persimmons prefer regular watering, but will also perform well with moderate watering. The key is to irrigate the tree consistently.  The soil should have good drainage.

Fertilize the persimmon tree once yearly in winter or early spring.
Inconsistent or too little watering and/or over-fertilizing causes fruit drop in persimmons.


Prune in winter when the tree is dormant. It is important to prune young persimmon trees to establish a good structure. Thereafter, it is only necessary to prune to thin the tree and keep branches evenly spaced. Cut off deadwood and branches that are too low. If the tree becomes too tall it can be headed off. New branches will sprout below the cut and may need to be thinned.

Persimmon fruit is borne on current season wood and one-year-old wood.

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