Have Your Heard "This Month in the Garden – April" on In The Garden Radio

Mar 31, 2021

This Month in the Garden – April
Welcome to the monthly installment of “This Month In the Garden” for April on the In The Garden with UC Master Gardeners radio show.

UC Master Gardeners Teena Spindler and Katrina Kirkeby get together every month to discuss what you might want to consider working on or planning for in your garden.

Deadhead (remove spent flowers) to keep your garden fresh and clean. April is the month to start watching for caterpillars and worms and keep them in check. They can wreak havoc if left to go uncontrolled. However, care must be made to safeguard the beneficial birds and such that feed on them.

Master Gardeners use University of California-approved, science-based techniques in all aspects of gardening and these techniques are what we share with you on this show every week.

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Podcast Topic: This Month in the Garden – April

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